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Project Concept

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My concept isn't very clear to me yet, but I have a better idea of what I would like to do. I would like to use processing, and possibly some sound art as well. I plan to create something visually stimulating with different shapes and colors, that will be interesting to watch. The processing tutorials will be helpful as I proceed. My timeline will be to first explore more tutorials and ways to create different patterns before I start creating my piece. I should start my project no later than the end of this week!

Video Project: Idenity Motion

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I'm an entertainer at heart and I enjoy telling stories. I like to make things with the audience in mind: what will keep them tuned in, wanting seconds, on the edge of their seat, intrigued. Which is why, I am making this video project from the production perspective. There is going to be a beginning, middle, and some sort of ending that will leave the viewers with a big question mark.

At first, I wanted to shoot the production all in one take where there are no cuts or transitions; the camera continues rolling as it follows the subject(s) from point A to point B to point C and so on. But still being in the Halloween mode, I decided that I want to attempt to make a short scary movie.

With that being said, I'm on the road of making a scary production in which there are over the shoulder shots, cuts, and tricks with the lights. I enjoy watching horror films and so I hope I enjoy making one as well, hopefully I don't scare myself in the process.

As for the title, I don't have one yet. If nothing creative comes to mind, I'll probably just title it, "The Roomate".

Anna's Concept

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I left last class not exactly sure which way I would be going with my video project. Although I still do not have a concrete plan for my project, I taped some footage this weekend of the scenery looking out of a car. Hopefully in class I will bring everything together in a way that will be interesting!

Olivers video concept

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as I said in the group discussion, right now I have a plan to basically just film things happening all around my neighborhood in the environment.. hopefully these things will either be found interesting, or visually pleasing or both.. I reserved a camera and tripod for the whole weekend so I will hopefully be able to get a lot of good footage.

Video Project Concept- Alex McRandall

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My project now is completely different from what I mentioned in class last time we discussed our concepts. Originally, I had wanted to make a video of me going about my daily life with no sound other than my thoughts. What has now taken over as the focus of my project is transportation. By taping the camera to the top of my helmet and then placing it on the dashboard, I have recorded my journey from class to home on both my bicycle and in my car. Due to the length of the total trip, I have had to speed up and remove various portions of the video. As for a soundtrack, this is where I'm having some difficulty. I want something that will reflect my mindset, yet blend in well with the surroundings of movement, transportation, and everything associated with it. The easy choice would be "Life is a Highway," but I refuse to take the easy way out. I have a second obstacle that will be a little more difficult to overcome. I currently have a 14 minute video. While proud of the fact that I have shaved off approximately 16 minutes, I'm still about 9 minutes too long. The rest of my time now will be spent deciding what I need to get rid of and what sounds I should put in.

I currently don't have a title, but I suppose right now I'll just call it "Journey".

Mary's video Idea

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While keeping in mind that this has a chance to switch gears as it is not nearly completed, I have tried to stay along the lines of using my recurring theme of a love for humanity for this video portrait. I knew I wanted to do a documentary sort of thing, so I first started with a question - "What makes you happy?" A simple question that I feel doesn't get asked enough, and is completely subjective to the person. I started with asking my roommates and my neighbors, but many more short interviews are to come. However, I am trying to decide what I want to do for an intro and conclusion, and if I want music, what kind do I use.

Technically, I have been playing with the zoom when my interviewees answer the question - trying to capture that moment when their mind produces a smile, or the moment when they look away from the camera. Simplicity is a theme for me in this as well.

Perhaps 'The Beauty of Simplicity' as a title? WOW made that up right now. :)

Conceptually, I knew I wanted to do a semi-inspirational piece that wasn't too far-reaching because I am not "fluent" in Final Cut, so trying to produce something effective, yet not too hard to execute and edit has been my struggle throughout the exploration of the 5 mediums in this class.

Logistically, the subjects of my video are all around me at all times, it is up to me who I choose to ask and what their answer would mean in my video.

I wish you all luck while we go through this learning process together :)

video project: Moving Portrait | Idenity in Motion

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