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Akuomas sound portrait

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Sound Art

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I feel the article was a bit difficult to understand. There seems to be not much difference between sound art and music. While reading the article, I found it difficult to imagine how each artist described their sound art. It would be much easier to relate if I had the chance to listen to their sound art that they created. I think that sound art has a variety of meanings, and can be interpreted in many ways. I interpret sound art as a sound that I find pleasing, whether it be a good rhythm on my headphones, or natural sounds I can hear in my parents backyard. I hope to get a better understanding of sound art in discussion in class!


Akuomas Sound Art

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Sound art is an art that I believe is to observe with only one of your senses. I think it is important to observe sounds because you know where you are when that sound is being heard. Sound art at music is very different because music is meant to be composed a certain way where as sound art is getting what you get, you don't think of crickets at night as music do you? The only similarities music and sound art has is the repetition and the rhythm, for example- if someone is typing, they have an efficient way of doing so.

Olivers Sound art reflection

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Sound Art seems to be a very peculiar and interesting medium. It can be anything from sounds with rhythm and a beat, to just the very abstract collaboration and enhancing of those everyday normal sounds which go on around us all the time. The whole notion is not something foreign to me actually, my older brother who I live with is really into Industrial Noise music which I see more as a form of artistic expression than music, but he has been into it for about 3 or 4 years now. He even performs and goes on tour all over the country with his other noise buddies. And he has got his own noise record label. But anyway, it is a very interesting art medium and i'm excited to explore it

Sound Art Reflection

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Sound Art can be either very simple or complicated to compose and/or listen to. It is what we hear. It can be a lesson or a warning, such as the sounds of the sirens from an emergency vehicle or a simple do-re-mi vocal lesson. From what I understand from the article of sound art, it can be the natural sounds that we normally hear on a day-to-day basis with enhancements or something completely unheard of before. Sound art is similar to photoshoping a digital picture, using technology and/or other tools to add to the original sound to create something more. It can be any form of sound: music, noise, etc., since there are more than one type of genre to sound art.

sound art reflection

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As we transition to a series of explorations focused on Sound Art prepare the following for our class on Tuesday September 28th:

1) Choose to focus primarily upon what you are hearing rather than seeing ... for 30 minutes enjoy the soundscape around you. During this time notice what you are hearing. Focus on the sounds that are closest to you - perhaps within you - as well as those sounds so distant that you are able to discern them only intermittently. We will discuss your experience in class.

2) Share your reflections in a paragraph that describes your current thinking about Sound Art - what you think sound art may be - after reading the following:

Mark Gary
A survey of four Contemporary Sound Artists

Post your reflection on the blog, within the sound art reflection category.