ARTS 1601 Section 002 Professor :: Diane Willow
Introduction to Experimental and Media Arts

Time :: Wednesdays 6 pm - 10 pm Office :: Regis W205
Place :: Regis W248 Office Hours :: 4:30-5:30 pm
Tuesdays and by appointment
Description ::

This Introduction to Experimental and Media Arts is designed to present a range of media, processes and ways of thinking that invite you to explore your development as an artist. The sketches, projects and tools introduced throughout the semester are intended to guide your explorations and to begin to sensitize you to the ways in which the tools that we use shape the ways that we think.

This particular course is centered on an autobiographical approach to the exploration of digital media in general and experimental and new media forms in particular. Studio work is developed and extended through the introduction of theories and concepts relevant to the languages of new media and hybrid forms. This course will contextualize new media practice within the history of contemporary art, emerging technology and digital culture.

A range of tools will be introduced throughout the semester. You are encouraged to take a playful approach to explore these tools, to experiment, and to utilize them in new ways. We will be working with still images, moving images, sound and interaction. The range of experiences that comprise the course are designed to engage you individually, in small groups and as a whole class.

Our course theme centers on the autobiographical as explored through processes and concepts that highlight the characteristics of digital media. Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to use a range of tools to develop your own experimental and media works. These will be visual, sonic, and interactive in nature. They may be narrative, experimental, realistic or metaphoric.

Your prior knowledge and life experiences are the prerequisites for this course.
You will draw upon these personal resources as you create a series of autobiographical works that utilize digital media to portray your evolving sense of yourself.

Evaluation ::

In Class and Blog Participation 20%
Artist Presentation 10%
Project #1- image portrait 10%
Project #2 - sound portrait 10%
Project #3 - animation 10%
Project #4 - video 15%
Independent Project 25%

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