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ARTS 1601 Section 002 Professor :: Diane Willow
Introduction to Experimental and Media Arts willow@umn.edu

Time :: 9am -12 noon Tuesdays+Thursdays Office :: Regis W205
Place :: Regis W248 Office Hours :: 4:30 - 5:30pm
Tuesdays and by appointment
Class TA: Ben Moren

Class Blog


This schedule is a guide. It will give you a sense of the pace of the course, with the due dates for each of the major, student-generated, course components. Essential readings, presentations focused on experimental and media artists, and related technical resources will be introduced weekly. Each is intended to cultivate the inquiry and creative work that I expect from all students. My expectations for you are high. When possible, I will respond to student interests in an improvisational manner and shape the course accordingly.

The class blog links you to artistic and technical resources, current cultural events and the work of your classmates, It will be your responsibility to check it regularly to learn about upcoming events and available resources.

Course Objectives:

To develop a personal relationship to digital media and contemporary art by:

  • experimenting with an introductory set of concepts and techniques characteristic of digital media production and contemporary art practices

  • experiencing, reading about, and developing language to discuss the work of experimental and media artists and their participation in and construction of contemporary culture

  • expanding your understanding of the social and cultural context of experimental and media arts and its related technologies

  • cultivating your confidence in your capacity to meet the technical and conceptual challenges that you encounter as you complete your creative work

ARTS 1601-004

September 7th and 9th
Week 1
~ Introductions and Course Overview
Sketch #1 Portraits - Self/Collaborative
Curating a set of found images that portray something of personal value.

September 14th and 16th

Week 2
~ Self Portrait
Exploring photoshop as a medium for making, mixing, and remixing images
Experimenting with the techniques of layers and filters as metaphors for identity

Visit the Nash Gallery exhibition and post a reflection

September 21st and 23rd
Week 3
***Presentation of Sketch #1 and participation in our 1st critique of the semester.
Self-Portrait due on Tuesday September 21st
Collaborative portrait studio time
***Collaborative Portrait due on Thursday September 23rd

Introduction to Sketch #2 Sound Portraits

September 28th and 30th
Week 4
Introduction to Sound Art
Explorations in listening, recording, and editing sound
Collaborative sound project studio time

Introduction to Artist Presentations and sign up process

Participate in a Spark Festival event and post a reflection

October 5th and 7th
Week 5
Collaborative sound project studio time
***Presentation of Sketch #2 Sound Portraits and participation in our 2nd critique of the semester on October 7th

October 12th and 14th
Week 6 ~
Introduction to Sketch # 3 Animate
playing with moving images
***Presentation of Sketch #3 Animate and participation in our 3rd critique of the semester on October 14th

October 19th and 21st
Week 7 ~
Introduction of Sketch #4 Experimental Video
Recording and editing video
Studio Time for Experimental Video

October 26th and 28th
Week 8 ~
Experimental Video continued
In-Process discussions of Sketch #4
Studio Time for Experimental Video

November 2nd and 4th
Week 9 ~
In-Process presentations for Sketch #4
Studio Time for Experimental Video
Artist Presentations

November 9th and 11th
Week 10 ~
Presentation of Sketch #4 Experimental Video and participation in our 4rd critique of the semester on November 9th.
Introduction to Sketch #5

November 16th and 18th
Week 11 ~
Processing, exploring the programmable and the interactive
***Presentation of Sketch #5 Processing and participation in our 5th critique of the semester

Artist Presentations

Introducing the Independent Project proposal

November 23rd and Holiday
Week 12
Post detailed Project Description of your Independent Project

November 30th and December 2nd
Week 13 ~
Independent Project studio time
Independent project discussion and in process presentations
Artist Presentations

December 7th and 9th
Week 14 ~
Independent Project studio time
Artist Presentations

December 14th and 16th
Week 15

**Presentation and Critique of Independent Projects - December 21st

**Presentation and Critique of Independent Projects - December 16th


20% Participation in class and on the blog

50% Sketches 1 - 5 [ 1•photo, 2•sound, 3•animation, 4•video, 5•interactive ]

10% Artist Presentation

20% Independent Project

University Grading Policy

A Achievement that is outstanding relative to the level necessary to meet the course requirements.

B Achievement that is significantly above the level necessary to meet the course requirements.

C Achievement that meets the course requirements.

D Achievement that is worthy of credit even though it does not meet the course requirements.

S Represents achievement that is satisfactory, which is equivalent to a C- or better.

F/N Represents failure and signifies that the work was either (1) completed but at a level of achievement that is not worthy of credit or (2) was not completed and there was no agreement between the instructor and the student that the student would be awarded an I.


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