November 19, 2007

First spatial iteration - installation: November 17, 2007

Shane Peterson, RA, Elizabeth Pezalla, RA, Rebecca Krinke, and Diane Willow installed the first spatial experiment on November 17, 2007.

Only beach stones and the softwall were used. The space is a visual respite and a space to walk into. You can sit on the stones if you choose.

Future iterations will explore seating, a central focus, lighting, etc.






November 18, 2007

1st iteration of Present Moment Project


The first iteration of our Present Moment Project, Installation #1 was installed in Nolte on November 17th.

The upper lounge area in Nolte has been re-shaped with the curvilinear, 8' high, paper softwall and ~750 lbs of rounded beach stones.

This 1st iteration offers us a space for experimentation. Over the next month or so, we would like to document each iteration - adding lights, adding seating, removing seating, adding projections, adding sound, removing sound, adding projection surfaces, altering projection surfaces, etc.

A comment book will accompany the installation and it is our hope that people will offer their feedback, comments, insights, suggestions, etc.

October 8, 2007


When I encountered Softwall by molo design during one of my web meanderings browsing for new materials, I was immediately inspired by the lightness of it's architecture - luminous, mobile, with an economy of form and substance.


We are considering the white paper softwall for our first installation in Nolte. We plan to use this to re-shape the space.