November 20, 2007

Present Moment Project Published

Dr. Steve Mitrione has written an article on the project published in the University's Wellness magazine, also available online at:

Click Here to Download File

(See page 16).

November 18, 2007

1st iteration of Present Moment Project


The first iteration of our Present Moment Project, Installation #1 was installed in Nolte on November 17th.

The upper lounge area in Nolte has been re-shaped with the curvilinear, 8' high, paper softwall and ~750 lbs of rounded beach stones.

This 1st iteration offers us a space for experimentation. Over the next month or so, we would like to document each iteration - adding lights, adding seating, removing seating, adding projections, adding sound, removing sound, adding projection surfaces, altering projection surfaces, etc.

A comment book will accompany the installation and it is our hope that people will offer their feedback, comments, insights, suggestions, etc.