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You took something so simple and made me think about so much more than just a closet. As a female it is interesting to see a male's closet and compare it to my own and the articles of clothing that you hang compared to items that would be in your drawer. I like the change in the amount of clothing in the closet showing what items you chose to wear along with that at some time you did your laundry. The different colors make certain items stand out in some photos and draw the eye to different places.

Compared with the others, this set of pictures don't change that much. I'm not saying that's bad, maybe that means you're consistent and not spontaneous. I can definitely tell when you did laundry. I can tell which shirts you did wear and didn't wear, which may be your favorites. If you are like me, then you'd wear roughly the same shirts from week to week.

I love that from these sets of photos, you can infer and event. We can tell you did laundry and gage what tasks you did over the weekend.

I also love how the color composition changes with the subtraction or addition of items of clothing. The red shirt makes the other reds pop while the grays and greens dull the image. It shows how the relationships between these colors can create different visuals.

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