Circle Space Ideas


1) I think it would be good to incorporate a lot of color into our design because it is such a dull space. I was thinks that, because the light shines from behind the building, it would be cool to do something with a warm yellow color to play off of that sunlight. I'm not sure how much the light would penetrate that space. But we could observe it further.

2) Also, if we did a sort of "sun" installation, we could have lights at night to simulate stars. Then we could get the west bank to light up a bit more since it is always so drab.

3) I really liked Timo's thought about using the space almost as a stage. Or like a portal to see things through. I don't know what we would do, but I really like that general idea. It would be cool to have something reaching through that space. Like from the rooftop out to the plaza. That makes the space more 3D.

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