Mountains were Oceans at the Nash

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I really liked the sculptural houses mounted on the walls. Being from the Twin Cities, I could recognize some of the buildings, but I loved how I could get a sneak peak into people's lives with the short quotes. It reminded me of twitter and how you have to express yourself in a short snap shot. It goes along with this cultural trend of expressing yourself with brevity.

These quotes made me connect with these places and wonder about the people and the community of the Twin Cities. Not only where they charming as each separate house, but all together they created a diverse community of houses that really reflects the Twin Cities.

I would love to know from the artist how and why they chose each location? Did they survey a lot of houses and do interviews with people and then choose the best sites? Or did they have the houses in mind that they wished to approach? Either way, a lot of research and human-to-human interaction went into this project.

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I agree that this was a demanding project, but important is that there are results at the end!British

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