1) As a physical work, it creates a response because it is such a culturally ingrained sign with a new twist. Everyone recognizes a crossing sign, but now it raises awareness on an issue. After this attention is captured, it works in a virtual realm because it gives the individual the opportunity to learn more about the piece and the story behind it.

2) I stayed motivated because it was a project we were all interested in and wanted it to work out. It had a strong conceptual idea behind it, that made the project worth doing. Plus every roadblock we ran into had a solution. So we never got completely stuck-in-the-mud and were able to be flexible when need be.

3) I'm not sure if it's success will be quantifiable. We may have more twitter followers or have people talk about the project, but I'm not sure that that is exactly what the project is about. Since it is for the class, I feel like the success is how we felt we've spent our time and if it was worth while. I feel like it's an internalized success within ourselves.

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