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Zoƫ's Interviews with Taylor Vogt and Christian Glanville

What is your response to the project aesthetically?

T: They are very eye popping. The choice of yellow was really good because people notice them. Some of them are a little crooked though which bothers me a little. But I don't think most people notice that. All and all they add a nice image to the bridge. That bridge gets so boring that it was nice to see something new.

How does our projects message resonate with you?

T: Well it was cool that they were hung up around earth day. It was nice to have a concept to attach the project to. Honestly, I had no idea those animals were in this area. Buffalo? I thought they were all out west. But I guess it just goes to show you how humans altar their environment.

Is that all the surprised you?

T: Well grey wolf did too. But I guess it's also amazing to feel how we as a species did that. It's strange to think how what I'm doing right now will affect other species.

That was the aim behind our project, what do you think the work conveyed that message?

T: Because it's on the river, I made the connection with the fish below. And again, it was hung around earth day. Also the description. But the "X" in crossing kind of made it seem like they were "x"ed out. Which was a nice touch.

Have you heard anyone else talk about the project?

T: When they first went up I feel like people really paid attention to them. The longer they've been there, the less I see people pay attention to them. At first though I saw people stop and read the descriptions. And they are really well done so people defiantly noticed them.



What is your response to the project aesthetically?

C: They are really cool! The are kind of hip and dynamic as a crossing sign. Like they're very graphic.

How does that affect how you see the project?

C: It doesn't affect how I see the project as much as it grabs my attention. The graphic quality it has a relatable look that related to the student body. It reminds me of things seen on album covers.

Did that affect how you responded to the environmental message?

C: It made me connect to it more because I remember seeing these crossing signs in streets. So it made me stop and think "why would a buffalo be crossing here?" and then stop and read the description. I didn't know that buffalos used to live here. Thinking about a buffalo living in Minneapolis is strange.

Does it have any of the actions you might make in the future in terms of the environment?

C: Well I can't really think of anything that I could do that would help animals. You guys should tweet about it! But maybe addressing other environmental issues, we can make sure nothing else bad happens. I was thinking about maybe just learning more about how I affect the environment and how I can change that.

Interview written with Reed Mossiman

Q: Have you seen the MNxnatives project installation on the Washington Avenue Bridge?
A: Yes! Are those the yellow signs across the bridge? I have soo many classes on West Bank and have passed those signs for quite some time now on my way over there.

Q: Do you agree with informing more students about the animals that once inhabited the University of Minnesota campus?
A: I think it has a good message for the students on campus. We all get busy in our own lives with classes and the groups we join, and we just forget about the 'people' that were here before us along with the animals.

Q: If so, what are your thoughts on the project and the overall message of the group?
A: I think it is a great idea as a class public art project. I think the signs were catchy and did grab my attention while walking across, but I never checked it out more in depth just because of my busy schedule

Q: As a student, how do you think you could help in raising awareness about the environment around campus?
A: The environment is not something that I am super passionate about so I don't know if I would be apart of anything like this is my spare time, but I think just by being mindful of ways that I could be more green would be helpful to the campus.

Q: Do you agree with using the Twitter social media website to communicate with students?
A: Yes! I love Twitter, but unfortunately I have not began to follow MNxnatives yet.

Q: Is there anything that you are passionate about and wish you had the opportunity to express in a public installation on campus?
A: I am super passionate about fashion and how we draw inspiration during everyday life. So if I could find a way to make people more interested and aware of how they dress and its affect on people than I would be so pleased.

Visited site with a friend asking about appearance:

Q: Have you been able to see the signs in the past couple weeks?
A: I actually have seen these a few times, at least once a week on my way to class over on West bank.

Q: How do you feel about the design of the signs and their impact?
I think the color and the scale give a big WOW factor to pedestrians walking by. They make you interested, but I will be honest and say that I never read the text, partly because I was walking to class and was in a rush and it was kind of hard to read on the fly.

Q: Is there anything you would change about the signs?
I wouldn't change the signs, but I would change the scale and the color of the text. Maybe make that more noticeable for students and their busy schedules

Q: Comments:
Nothing other than a great job!!

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