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The MNXNatives project was a project the our freshman seminar made to raise awareness of species that used to live in Minneapolis but do not anymore. We raised awareness by posting vinyl on the windows on Washington Ave. bridge. The vinyl was crossing signs that had the species cut out in the middle. I believe the project went very well considering we did not have everyone each time we put the vinyl up. My job of the project is to make a video of the process, so my duty is not done yet. I am very happy that I was part of this project and enjoyed working with everyone.



Nick Bertke or Pogo is an artist who remixes movies and TV shows into songs by taking random samplings of the videos.

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Mountains Were Oceans (Kaj)


I found that the houses mounted on the wall was the best exhibit. I thought it was interesting how different all the houses and situations were. It really showed how different people's lives are. And it was interesting how many there were for how unique they all were.

I also found it cool that it was 3D and mounted on the wall. That really made it unique because anyone could have just taken a picture of some random houses. My question to the artist is what influenced you to make this piece?

Possible Campus Area (Kaj)


This is between Anderson Hall and Blegen Hall. I don't know what we could do here, but it just a place with trees and nothing else.IMG_0120.JPG

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Reflections of The Art Gallery (Kaj)


My favorite piece was The Shrines: Public Weapons of the United States of America by Paul Shambroom. I thought it was very interesting the random places these weapons were located. The effort given in this piece cannot be ignored. To find all of those weapons and get pictures of them is amazing. I also loved the quote "Why is a machine made for killing used as a memorial to the dead?" That is an excellent question that you really have to think about.

My least favorite piece was the bathroom piece, I didn't see the name of it. I found it a little boring and too bland. I felt like it didn't have as much meaning as the other pieces.

My Question: What influenced you to make this piece?

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