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Sentimentalism (25 photos)


Response to Nash Gallery


My favorite piece was the collection of pornographic pictures that Justine Stewart put together. It was so cool how you can change the purpose of a piece from what was originally secretive material, to a work in a gallery. The people that originally owned this material probably don't know that their trash is now attracting a university's attention. The way the cyan photographs are damaged makes the figures blurry and indistinguishable. The beautiful colors make up for this. The rich blues, reds, and yellows make an abstract watercolor that causes the figure to be a faint outline. I also loved how interactive this piece is. Flipping through these photographs was much more personal than having them laid out on a white wall.

I didn't like the series of photographs of old projector films with notes. The images were so static and I could even read the notes. It was very boring and I got no feeling from it and made no collection. I felt like it was a simple photograph to take they didn't invoke anything.

If I could ask the artist anything:

Justin, how did you come across the images? Did you randomly come across them? Or did you do research and seek them out? Was it a trip to the reservation that led you to these or did someone bring them to you?

Same but Different (The College Life)