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The experience of sirens far surpassed what I expected upon walking onto the giant stage filled with these weird sculptures. It started slow as the first assistant turned one on and then tuned it and then it began to slowly turn. The sound gently whizzed by. Then I turned my head up and the assistants had already turned on two more machines. This would continue until the real climax of the evening when all the sculptures were moving quickly and then the lights went out and there was just this intense harmony of this giant chord almost moving and vibrating throughout the room.

I think this is when the piece really struck me because at this point you were no longer on the stage you were far away in this weird alien space. The flying speakers immediately reminded me of UFO and the sound seem to hit some chord deep inside the body as if you were not listening for the sound but more feeling the sound. I think the show was incredibly worthwhile in providing this existential experience.