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Dj Spooky

I learned a lot from this assigment, it really opened my eyes to not only what the artist I presented works on, but all of the artists that other people in the class looked at. The research on my artist consisted mostly of reading his book, and website. Spooky was part of a collective in New York called Sound Lab. Sound Lab did many preformances in the city, playing mostly clubs and parks. They would have a mixture of ambient world sounds, combined with jazz and hip hop.

Spooky is mainly a preformer, but he has other projects like recording the sound of ice melting in antartica. I think that this is a wonderful approach to the issue of melting ice caps, instead of trying to make someone agree with your opinion on the subject he is presenting them with evidence of what is going on up there. It is very interesting to me that he is conveying his thoughts in a very different way from everyone else.

He also has a few theories on video editing that I found very interesting. He broke it down simply in the way that one should take the same practices used by dj's to the cinema. Looking for samples and linknig them the same way that you would control music with turntables and mixers, but adding in the video element. Video editing and sound editing is very similar in the fact that you are working with timelines that can be chopped and shortned, or manipulated in anyway.

Dj Sppoky has a lot of information about what he does on the net, and there are many videos out there. There are a few on google and youtube of full lectures that are part of his tour around the country. Here are a few links to some of my favorites. I wonder how much it costs to book him? I think he would be a wonderful addition to the Spark Festival in the Spring.