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Drew's Independent Sound

Project patch: Download file

Sorry for the delay everybody. I had a lot of trouble uploading my videos with my home internet connection.

With regards to the max patch, whatever Ryan said about opening his probably applies to mine. I'll be surprised if I uploaded it correctly.

If it does work, please open the presentation mode--there's a button in the lower left corner of the window, fourth from left.

The only reason for this is because I listed instructions in the presentation, though feel free to
explore the patch.

I considered including a written copy of the poem I used for the ball's voice, but I decided against it for several related reasons:

-I find more satisfaction in experiencing the words aurally.

-The poem was never intended to be read, but instead bounced out of the ball.

-And if the posted max msp patch works, a written copy shouldn't be necessary.

but the word order in the patch sometimes changes; I was never able to work out all the bugs. Some words might even go missing from time to time, so just pretend this is my intention...cause it is.....

Overall, I was satisfied with how the project turned out. I'm glad people didn't hesitate to give the ball a kick once it entered the room, and it was a lot of fun watching people throw it around, some more violently than others (I never intended the ball to impact Ben's face).

It would have been ideal had the ball completely resealed; I think a ball with more of a bounce would have better suited my intentions.
If I was to attempt things again, I would try to implement a time buffer between bounces to avoid word skipping and clipping.

The seemingly random speech was another unforeseen factor, though I can't say I was disappointed. The poem I had prepared mutated into something of its own nature; I find it intriguing that the detachment between words was wholly determined by when and to whom you decided to pass the ball. In this respect, the poem would be unique to each new experience.

The ball's voice never indicated an ending to the poem, so this too probably made any sequence of
words unclear.

But I now think intentional randomness has its place, especially if one wants to convey more the nature of individual words rather than any content they might together create.

This project finished with a lot of loose ends, which is good I think.

I owe Ryan much credit for giving me a crash course with max msp, and even more for his key suggestions as to what patch examples I should use. Thanks man