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Final Sound

I was somewhat upset that I had to display a work that was not operating but I felt strongly about the idea of using sensors in everyday object to control samples that consisted of video and or audio. I have now given up totally on the wave shield and I am directing all of my attention to Max MSP. I also have a new approach to the way I would like to display it, everyone’s thoughts were great and I took them all into consideration while rethinking my last two sketches.

For the sampler I took out all of the sensors that I built, and all the wiring. I am going to place piezo mics that will set off the threshold in Max to trigger the sample. This will result in a better contact point, and more freedom in the controls than just sensors that I previously had in there. Also doing it threw Max with the piezos is giving me more sensors, the wave shield could only trigger 6 samples at a time, Max for this gives a lot more freedom in the samples I am choosing. Also having the availability of controlling video is a plus for this piece.

I also rethought my whole approach to how I would like the work displayed. I did a lot of thinking about what was in the Sound Art book and about how we can display our work. Since I was in the class I guess I was trying at more gallery type approaches to display my work. This I think was beneficial to try and step out of my normal comfort zone and try something different, but in the end I am more of a performer. And I need to take what I had set up in an installation, and bring it on stage.

I start out a lot of my sets with a little introduction; I have a whole list of samples that I play, that incorporate my name, city, etc. I am doing all of this on my turntables, so I thought about instead of just hopping up on stage and playing music on my turntables I would do the same introduction use the same samples I usually use, but instead of them being played from the turntables they are being played from other objects like the ping pong table, and the remote control.

I see the final product as me sitting on stage in a chair similar to what I had set up in the room, with some music playing quietly. I want to sit in the chair, or pretend I’m sleeping for long enough for people to be confused about what is going on. I would then start off my introduction using samples triggered by the remote control, and then progress into a quick game of ping pong. After the introduction is over I would continue on with my set like I would normally do.

After thinking about it I really feel that my idea is solidified and once everything in max comes together I should be good. I have never seen anyone do something like this in a concert setting I think that this will bring video djing to a different more tangible level. And the way it would be preformed could really make people at a concert wonder what is going on right now.