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Spark Festival

The piece that stood out to me the most was the one in the preformance and install room. It was the projector being displayed on the piece of plexi glass. I think it was a very visual piece, the way the lights from the prjector illuminated the room was extremely sucessfull. I mostly enjoyed the piece becasue it answered some questions that I had about a similar idea.

For a while I had the thought of displaying projections on glass, this was mainly sparked by the work that is being done in the Virtual Reality Lab, there they are trying to look at the design mode in a different way. Instead of setting up at a computer to do 3D visualization they are using a wand that acts as your mouse and control over the drawing, and Virtual Reality headpiece that controls your view. The head piece uses sensors that are on the mask itself, and also arranged in a grid on the cieling. This grid tells the computer where you are at all times, and when you need to see the other side of the building that you are drawing you need to physically walk over the the other side.

They also have a curved screen where they can set up a cave type projection of the room. This is somewhat like what Ryan did in his final. So I have been interested in projecting sceens from the computer and placing them in a 3d enviornment. Now that I know that if the plexi glass is sanded that it will created enough roughness on the surface to be picked up, I would like to take more steps in realizing this idea.