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Spark Festival: Impression long time coming

Ray Lee’s Siren:

What I admire most is how Lee designed the sound. By organizing individual tripods to project unique oscillating harmonies—and simultaneously contributing to the collective noise—the sound could be explored and experienced differently throughout the space. This made what might be categorized as an installation, more an interactive sound sculpture/garden.
The small red LED lights significantly altered my experience. With the house lights turned off, the combination of sound and seemingly detached moving light was disorienting. With the exception of the Christmas light guide ropes, there was no longer a sense of enclosed or limited space. This new undefined environment challenged visual interpretation. Although the red lights were spinning, I associated them with radio tower aircraft lights seen from a distance at night; and, since they were spinning, I could imagine them as crazy atomic or cosmic forces at work too.

The overwhelming aesthetic of this work left me reconsidering my notions of how sound and light interact within perceived and imagined space.