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Tim's Embodied and Independent Project w/Semester overview

Starting with my embodied sound project and continuing through my final project I began working with circuit bending liking the idea of manipulating these relatively crappy simple circuits into something that was even more artificial than the sounds they were emulating. A couple of my main goals were trying to put together as many pieces as possible and then creating a weird orchestra or something with them as some weird childish destructive dream band. I was also interested in writing pieces in a more conventional style because in the circuit bent culture from my initial take is that most performances are closer to a jam session using the noise as opposed to structuring songs for the toys. Essentially I was interested in putting as much value into the toy as an established guitarist puts into his guitar. Giving power back to they toys, and the toy as a whole aesthetically and sonically while not purely marveling on the bent aspects of the toy either. Well I bought/received nine toys and 5 of them were bendable. Here are pictures of the 5 I bent:

A broken casio that I put two white noise buttons on.

Little Einstein with two pitch body contacts and 1/8 output doesn't work through amplifiers though.

See N Say with 4 pitch body contacts and 1/4 output

This is a step generator or what is now lovingly referred to as the atari punk console that I built from a kit. Here is the website for the kit http://www.getlofi.com/?p=1462

My most satisfying bend I put three pitch body contacts on it and an 1/8 output on it. Everything works perfectly and the output sound through the amp is surprisingly loud.

Here's video of my performance for my embodied sound project:

Here's video of my final performance: