May 5, 2009

Independent Project Presentations and Critiques

May 5, 2009

Jonathan Kaiser

David Donovan

Meng Tang

Ryan Murphy

May 12, 2009

Tim Krause

Haley Champion

Drew Anderson

Kelly Bosch

Brian Larson

Ben Hanson
Joe Kane

Broc Blegen

April 22, 2009

Independent Project –Meng

I have been thinking to make a sound installation works relate the work what have done in Nash Gallery.
Concept: a sound installation that focusing on ideas such as memory sound. People like to hear what they want to hear and don’t want to hear what they don’t what to hear.
The experience of this work: The spectator will enter a room and watch a video and try to figure out what the video ‘s sounds are.

Jonathan's Independent Project

I'm interested in performances, environments, and objects that use everyday elements in playful, unintended, or ritualistic ways. I see it as a way to poke at the boundaries of material and social possibility; to celebrate our autonomy over commodity objects by giving them new uses; to figure out how to survive with less; to respectfully mourn for the isolation that persists even in crowds; to suggest that sometimes impracticality is more fun than the kind of mechanistic efficiency that dominates our bottom-line obsessed mass-production culture...
So that's some context. It's a general sentiment that motivates a lot of what I do.
Specifically, I'm working on a couple of sound related things right now:
1. A portable patchwork amplifier cabinet. Nothing special technologically, but it's meant to be a performance tool that calls some theatrical attention to the origins of its parts...
2. The DrumBike -- My friends Matt and Dave and I have been kicking this idea around and doing sporadic work on it for a few months. This weekend, we really made some headway, and it looks like it'll be possible to finish it for the Mayday Parade on Bloomington Ave on May 3rd. Basically, pedalling propels the bicycle and also turns several axles that are mounted above the rear wheel. These axles have smaller bicycle wheels which have bolts in their rims. The bolts push back drumsticks which are mounted on bottom-brackets on bike forks, and held back with springs. The springs snap the drumsticks into the drums... Hard to explain in text, but you'll see. It's a fun carnival tool, and a silly experiment. Hopefully it'll also produce some infectious beats (we can't wait to get to the stage of "programming" the beats.) Here are some terrible low-res pictures I took with my cell phone:


For my independent project I would like to use visuals to connect with sound. I have always been confused about how video djing would work until it was broken down so simply in Dj Spooky's book. His point about using video or other images is that you have to think about the dj as a director or a writer. I have always been interested in how sound can enhance or weaken our experience of visuals.

I envision my final to be something like this, I am working on editing a video that will be played on a projector. I will play sounds from my turntables to go along with the video. I plan on using After Effects for the video editing, and I would like to also incorporate some 3d images and animations that I have been working on. Once I finish editing the video I will explore the options I have for a sound track. I will create the sound track to the piece using two turn tables, a mixer, and a sampler. Right now I am contemplating if it should be a performance piece or if I should show the video as a finished project with the sound and video all as one. I will make the final decision when I get further along.

Although at this point I know nothing about it, I am impressed with Max MSP and what it could do for my piece. I would like to explore Max a little while I work on my project to see if I can learn it and incorporate it into my project.

At this point I am struggling with exactly how the soundtrack will go. As I mentioned before I would like to edit my video first and let that dictate how sounds will be played. I would like to get away from "hip-hop" djing, because that is what I am most used to, and try to incorporate other elements of sound so it would not take a fan of hip hop to experience the piece.

Haley's FInal Project Idea

~ concept
I would like to create multiple silo sounds sculptures, each with their own sense of a trapped memory or moment in time. I am hoping that the layered combinations of eerie sounds I've recorded in the silo will work together to create individual experiences and create a picture or a memory.

~ the experience of this work
My experience in the silo has been extremely fun and it has allowed me to to do various types of recording. When I used Ryan's "Lucierizer" we experimented with layering our voices and harmonizing as the original track was morphing. After we did that for several minutes the silo began to feel tighter and our voices became richer. As the sounds built up there was an extremely full sound all around us and I could feel the vibrations surging through my body. I am hoping that I am able to orchestrate the recordings and build proper sound sculptures to allow the viewer a similar experience.

~ a visual or narrative sketch
I am striving for the sound to swirl around in each cylinder and also move up and down. I will create this by having the sound come from multiple speakers and fade from left to right. One ear phone will be lower to help with the movement up and down.

~ technology of choice
I was lucky to have paired with Ryan last week to help me with recording and also explore his embodied sound project. He recorded a few tracks for me with his equipment and I also had the Marantz digital recording. I hope to layer the different types of tracks to allow for more diverse sounds. The sounds will be played out of i-pods and speakers hooked up to my laptop. I may possible need the wave shied to play one set of sounds.

~ where/how you imagine presenting this work
I would possibly like to use a space under the stairs or somewhere a litter darker, but out in the open. I want people to see it and be curious. I will have the sounds just loud enough so people know to investigate.

~ how you will begin
I will begin by editing the current tracks I have and then finding the different combinations of sounds that fit together best,

~ what you are most uncertain about at this time
I am most uncertain about how I will create the domes of the silo sculptures. I am also considering adding various sounds that I recorded sans-silo, such as bees and birds. Also, my mom happened to be using a chainsaw out in the yard while we were recording. so I may or may not cut those sounds.

Independent Project - Alpha - Joe (and Ben)

LOL - Ben's post is awesome and does a great job of explaining some hurdles we will be facing. A must read. Two thumbs up.

A bit more on the technical issues:

The wave shield is a formidable beast. It's easy to get it to play things, but actually controlling what it plays is a little bit trickier. Other than that, the program is just going to be a mess of "if" statements.

In order to produce a globe that can be held and rotated, the Arduino and wave shield will have to be contained inside the globe. This will improve on the aesthetics (not having wires sticking out) but it will all need to run on a single 9 volt battery, and I'm not sure how long it will last.

There will also need to be a prototyping board inside there, as we will have several switches, and only one Ground.

We're also going to have to devise an interesting and efficient (brief) way to instruct people on how to use the device. Most people will push one button, and when nothing happens, assume it's broken. Maybe it can play audio clips of instructions as it is being used...

Tim's Final Project

Things I know for sure:
*It will involve a performance and circuit bent equipment.
*A costume
*A video

Things that it will probably be:
*Involve multiple performers playing a composition made by me for specific circuit bent equipment.
*More than one costume
*Screen Printed Party masks
*A video composition by me involving children and the abstraction of growth into the unknown.

Things I am thinking about in making the project:
The project will be a continuation of my previous works. It will divulge into the mind and the mysticism of time and growth. Specifically, I have been thinking about the pseudo nostalgia placed on youth this being demonstrated through my "toy" orchestra as well as through the video piece. The journey we will embark on will be an attempt to explain and relocate our once powerful and youthful mind through an intense battle with our older decaying mind. Thus we will encounter both birth and death and the short blurred psychotic distance in between. I like to think of my animal-human characters in my films and performances as allegories of the movement of the mind, something in relation human-animal masks will be involved!

On a technical side I am incredibly interested in composition of songs and written musical notation and the idea of writing musical notation specifically for circuit bent equipment. Also I have been doing more research on damaged video or what now seems to be referred to as "data moshing" (There are some interesting videos on youtube if you do a search for it.) These two things will be my primary priorities.

Only thing I am uncertain about is the time. And the length and extravagance of the performance will be dictated based on how much I feel I can get done and feel good about. If all goes well it will be a five-ish minute performance with four performers.

Probably be performed in performance space.




For my final project I would like to have a physical space others can enter into. The space I would like to construct is in the shape of a dome. The dome material will be a frame built out of ¼ inch rods and fasteners. The covering will be some material that is light permeable so that I can project from the outside and inside will be illuminated. The sound element will propagate from some speakers. The dome should be able to accommodate a few people sitting down. The projection will be ambiguous light.

donovan's Independent Project

concept: an interactive sound/video installation that focusing on ideas such as grief, clearing/fogging of thoughts and metal traveling if you will.

the experience of this work: the spectator will enter a dark room and walk across the dock, interacting with the video.

visual or narrative sketch: you walk into a space, a dark space, and step on to a dock. the dock is about 23ft long and butts up to the wall where it continues in a video projection. The image is blurry, but you see a murky figure moving about. as you walk along the dock the creaks and groans of the wood are amplified and the video clears. the louder the sound the more the video clears enabling you to see what is going on, however the figure is gone and the dock is empty.

technology of choice: Max and Piezos and video projection.

where/how you imagine presenting this work: the piece will be in E138.

how you will begin: i will enter the space, allow the rest of the class to follow, i will remain silent for comments then open up to dialog.

what you are most uncertain about at this time: using Max to do what i want to do.

April 21, 2009

Ben's Independent Project Proposal - Collaborating with Joe

Well my idea hasn't changed much from how I presented it to the class the other week, except for the fact that Joe gracefully volunteered to turn it into a collaborative project. The basic idea is that the finished product would be a self-contained interactive piece dealing with accents. I am envisioning a standard globe with the stand removed, it is important not to have a "This Side Up" connotation to the piece, and there would be 15 or so buttons that you can press located in countries spanning the globe. When you pressed a button a recording of a voice speaking in that area's accent would play, you could then continue to hold down the button and press another one which would trigger the first accent to attempt an impersonation of the second. There are a couple of big issues that still have to be sorted out, we are still not sure what the recording should be of. Should it be a famous phrase, or should everything be improvised? There is also the massive issue of whether or not to have the person that we recorded do the impersonation in their native language or if they should speak in English with their native accent while impersonating a third dialect. It is difficult to even mentally sort out how this web of accents is going to work, but the confusion and fun of trying to wrap my mind around the complexities of accents is what got me interested in this project in the first place. The confusion is a good source of motivation. We will be using the Waveshield along with some speakers that I have had lying around for a while, and hopefully Joe's technical expertise can get us through any difficulties the interactivity may present. I imagine beginning this whole thing by constructing the Waveshield (on the tech side) as well as compiling a list of the must-have accents (on the human side), Joe and I have a rough list of twelve accents but it probably needs to be fine-tuned, locked-down, and (most importantly) searched-out. I am still not entirely sure where I am going to find all of the people that I need to record, luckily we have a diverse campus so I am imagining a difficult but not impossible trek to find all of these folks... and then there is the small issue of explaining to an Irish person why I need to record them impersonating a Middle-Eastern accent. It should be fun.

Jared's Independent Project Proposal

I don't yet have a specific plan for my final project; however, I am pretty sure that I will use my trash can amplifier. I may set up a more dynamic system to make it more interactive if I can figure out ways to accomplish some of the ideas tossed around during my embodied sound feedback session. Recently, I hooked a stage mic into it and plugged it into my car's cigarette adapter so I can karaoke while I am driving to work or around with friends-it's pretty entertaining. So, I might incorporate the idea of having it strapped to the top of my car, or maybe even wire it to my car amp too. I am hoping that the result is still as playful as the concept of my embodied sound project, but that the product functions more dynamically and consistently.

April 7, 2009

project proposal

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