May 20, 2009


when i originally heard about this project i thought of it as a visual to audio connection we make, which it seems is inherent in a site with sound. i was reading some of the exerts of "Sound Unbound" in which they talked about early attempts at a color organ. i think it is cooler people were attempting to do this analogically but i used max msp to put these things together. I think more research into how frequency of color (if there is such a thing) better corresponds to sonic pitch could make this a stronger tool in understanding our senses and inner connections to external sense stimulus.

Color Organ

this version has been programed into a C minorish scale. if you want you can figure out how to change the notes and colors and such. once again the file open with max 5 if the file name ends in .maxpat sans any .txt

May 18, 2009

Ryan M

My independent project was inspired first by a sound and video project which i have posted here below.

The light comes from a flashlight and the sound is electric guitar and loop pedal. The original reaction to the video was a state of relaxation and in attempting to bring this quality out of the piece i constructed the dome. my original thought was to have it be a solo experience for people but i found that group experience works well also.

My embodied sound project attempted to embody the sound of empty space as it is limited by the surrounding structure. The idea that rooms have an embodied sound is what i was after with this project. The max patch is as of yet not fully functional but i will try to post it here so that you can download it. i have not made it a stand alone app so you will need max 5 to run the program; however this way you can try to navigate through the inner workings of the patch if you are interested in that sort of thing.

Room Resonator (Lucierizer)

** a note on downloading the max patch> it seems to have uploaded as a .txt file, which all max patches can be viewed in and edited, to download right click/ctrl click and chose to download or save the program to your computer. once you have saved it go to this location in your finder and simply erase the .txt from the end of the file name so that file name ends in .maxpat it should then open with max 5.

April 20, 2009

Media Mill

Media Mill is an extraordinary resource available to you. It is an archive for your video and audio files as well as a means of distributing your work to others.

Use Media Mill to share your media via our Sound Art blog.

This general How To video provides an introduction and overview to using Media Mill.

This How To video guides you through the process of submitting your content to CLA's iTunes U site or CLA's YouTube channel.

Embodied Sound

Mini-DV tapes and SD cards are held in a yellow min-bin in the closet of W123.

Video and audio recordings are on these media.

You can use these to extract video and audio of you Embodied Sound Project to post on the blog.

If the nature of your project is such that you are using other media or modes to document it, post this on the blog as well.

If you are posting video, use Media Mill.

You can then embed your video documentation in our blog.

Media Mill provides several resources to help you with this process, including guidance as you export your video for Media Mill from: Final Cut Pro, iMovie, or Adobe Premiere.

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