March 9, 2009

Arduino intros

Here are some intros to the Arduino:

video guides from Make magazine

Arduino resources

Arduino central a resource that connects you with the Arduino
what it is, how it came into the world, what you can do with it and how you can do it.

adafruit industries is a great source for purchasing the arduino, arduino shields, tools to get started in studio electronics and more. Limor Fried's related includes detailed how to guides including:
the arduino
understanding electricity basics
the handy proto shield
the wave shield.

Tom Igoe's generous documentation was my initial "how to" inspiration.
Tom gives an overview of microcontrollers
a basic guide to understanding electricity
the basics of sending signals in and out of an arduino
and an extraordinary set of resources for physical computing

... another informative, accessible guide by Todd Holoubek.

other generous arduino community resources include:

todbot blog by Tod E. Kurt of ThingM