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Alvin Lucier, "I am sitting in a room"

First, my attention is brought to the immediacy and pure presence of Alvin's voice, speech, language, words, and sentences, and then to the fact that I can almost see the room he is sitting in. Let's see where this goes...

My anticipation begins to pool a little as I realize exactly how long this process Lucier has envisioned will take: a really long time. But I begin to think of other ways to perform this experiment, and realize that this piece is an instruction manual.

Moments of boredom share themselves with moments of giddy realization; the room is singing, the room is speaking, not Alvin, in fact we never truly speak at all, the air between our lips and our ears is what does the speaking. And on another note... everything is decay, all things, including sound, are impermanent and always changing.