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Background Noise

I was always really interested in the idea that John Cage used to attach objects to the internal organs of his piano. I have read about it many times, but have never actually heard it.

I was always drawn to that idea, because I felt that it reflected (or rather, I reflected it) what I am doing with the music/sound that I make. I have always been interested in many types of music/sound, and strive to incorporate all of these influences in what I do. I like to combine organic/acoustic music with inorganic/electronic music. I feel that beyond the influence other music has on what I create - my biggest influence is the city I grew up in. St. Paul. This city is filled with both trees and tall buildings (not that tall).

So, this post was originally going to be about John Cage, but turned into some bogus artist statement for a seemingly over-prentencious work of sound. Sorry. Maybe I justed liked Cage's idea because I think painos are cool?

Another idea that I was drawn to in the book was Cage's constant reflection. He reflected on what sound was, by making sound. It's like looking at a mirror, by looking at a reflection of it in a mirror.