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Class on Thursday October 4th

This evening's class provides you unexpected time to continue working on your sound art projects.

Regrettably I am not able to be in class this evening to facilitate the listening of the remaining 1 minute remixes of sounds gathered from the 1 minute sonics of others in the class, nor discuss our readings from Background Noise, nor introduce you to the wonders of working with sound in Room W112.

Before we meet again next week, and before or after you enjoy this evening's gift of time, please prepare by doing the following:

- Post your (2) 1 minute sound files on the blog: the 1 minute site-sound piece and the remix that you composed.

- Reflect on your experience listening to Alvin Lucier's work "I Am Sitting in a Room"
Post your reflection as a series of 3 statements, each describing a distinct moment in your experience of listening to "I Am Sitting in a Room". Make a Blog Post under the category Reflections - I Am Sitting In A Room.

- Make a Blog Post, as a paragraph of text or another form of your choice, in response to the reading in Sound Art. Focus your attention on the relationships between sound art and the emergent audio technologies of the times as explored in this first section of the book, pages ix - 46.

- Begin to consider the sound artist that will be the topic of your presentation. We will set the schedule for presentations next week. For inspiration check out

- Next week's Readings - Read pages 47 - 132 in Background Noise. We will begin our next class with a discussion of the readings to date.

- I will email a set of links that you can use to begin to familiarize yourself with the resources of W112 in preparation for some studio time next week as well.

- and finally to listen to some work by an artist interested in this week's theme of sonification, such as the work of Andrea Polli . I will present her work next week.