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i am sitting in a room.

1. I'm familiar with this piece, but it changes every time I hear it. Listening to it in a large room, as opposed to my bedroom, makes it eerie and lonely to me. It isn't as intimate or inviting, it reminds me of loss when I hear it in an open space.

2. I still love the moment where my brain finally lets go of the text and just listens to the sounds, I think it happens about 25 minutes in. Then I can finally listen, and not try to decipher the text.

3. The idea of the technology behind it is probably what intrigues me most, and kept me thinking the entire time. How speech and music are reduced to frequencies, which opens up into all those frequencies we don't notice or hear. How they intersect without anyone knowing. And the way we can tap into this "other world" (which I really think it is) by using a microphone, a speaker and tape.