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LaBelle's first section

The actual act of listening to sound is way more rewarding than the act of hearing about sound. After all, sound’s ultimate purpose is to listen to sound, not to talk about what sounds sound like, right? While reading about all of the revolutionary things Cage, Musique concrete and Group Ongaku are doing with sound, I can only merely envision what the performances and pieces are like. But I want more! I want to be a part of the creation! After all, the art these artists are creating is all about the time at that moment and the feelings associated with that time. It is all about the space, the form, and the specific people involved. Cage says himself that “music takes on social weight beyond symbolic systems and toward immediacy and the profound presence of being there.? What good does it do to hear about it now long after the experience?

I am not directing blame onto LaBelle or any of the quotes contributed in the reading. It is actually quite interesting learning about the evolution of this genre of art, and the strong feelings present about how life equals art. Although, I do agree with Kelsey in that the reading poses great difficulty with repetition and contradiction as its ingredients. But, it all makes sense to me; the reading of the writing on sounds reflects how it naturally is to discuss sounds—impossible.