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Reading Reflection

Before I post an entry containing any feedback related to the topics Diane suggested we write about, I wanted to find out what reaction others are having to the reading. I am having a really hard time with the author's writing style. His sentences are frequently longer than they need to be and seem to over-complicate ideas that, in my opinion, could be stated more simply. This causes me to wonder if his ideas are not completely formulated in his own mind as he seems to get caught up in the rush of contradictions (among other things) present in the world of sound, music, and sound art. Also, there are many references to specific works, styles, and movements that I have no prior knowledge of which frustrates me further. I wish this book came with an accompanying cd. Without one, my reading is disrupted as I need to frequently look things up online or try to find recordings of pieces referenced.
Is anyone else struggling with this text?