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reading reflection

In regards to the relationships between the evolution of experimental music and the emergence of rapidly developing new tech, I found it very interesting that what had essentially occurred, it seems to me, was many disparate artists and musicians, dissatisfied with the current state in general, had picked up the detritus of modern civilization and remade it with tape loops, turntables, radios, TVs, and the junk of new technology. Of course... I'm casting my own subjectivity on this and my analysis is probably way off.

The primary motives of all these artists related in the first section (Group Ongaku, John Cage, and musique concrete) remind me of a certain term used in Buddhism: suchness, or thusness. The sound in itself, an expression of the enlightenment of the very moment that is all moments.

It is slow reading because Brandon LaBelle seems to enjoy wordplay and convoluted, complex sentences, but I have to admit I find it very fun to read because of this. He evidently takes a high appreciation for his wordcraft, I think... Also, ubuweb definitely provides almost everything you could need in terms of listening to the artists that LaBelle references. A CD companion would have been nice. I love Group Ongaku!