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November 29, 2007

Independent Project Documentation

The documentation of your independent project includes:

- upload sound files

- include relevant sketches, diagrams or photos of process and/or performance

- add a description of your motivation for this particular project

- conclude with a discussion of how your work relates to two other sound artists

The Independent Project presents you with an opportunity to explore in greater depth an aspect of sound art that can be contextualized within the dynamics of the INs, the OUTs and the IN BETWEENs.

INs introduce varied modes of the recording and gathering of sound.

OUTs experiment with how the sound works are transmitted, played, performed, experienced and contextualized.

IN BETWEENs connect the INs and OUTs through slicing, dicing, mixing, processing, manipulating, and novels forms of physical embodiment,

Embodied Sound Documentation

Add the documentation of your embodied sound work in this category.

Include a sound file and, if relevant, an image of the the object, space or phenomena.

Your embodied sound work may be inspired by the piezo and DIY mini-amplifier that you made, our circuit bending explorations or a divergent interest that you brought to this project.

November 28, 2007

Brian Eno

" Mea Culpa" (from "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" w/David Bowie) Download file

"1/2" (from "Ambient 1: Music For Airports") Download file

"The Microsoft Sound" (1995, Microsoft operating system start up sound) Download file

"Third Uncle" (I didn't show this one, but it is one of Eno's more well-known songs prior to his all-out experimentation with ambient music.) Download file

November 18, 2007

Andrea's minute, love it or leave it

Download file

Andrea's take

Download file

November 6, 2007

Tim Kaiser

his website: http://www.timkaiser.org/Sonic.html

this guy is simply put... sweeet!!!!!

i saw him play at the soap factory a while back. a few of the unique, personally-built instruments he played included a synth modulated by photo-resistors, bowed curtain-rods amplified to cavernous depths, and what looked like a boiler/pressure cooker pot for chemicals from the 1800s that created numerous semi-melodic popping noises when drummed at different spots. i really dig the sort of steampunk/mad scientist aesthetic he has for all his creations, housing them in the refuse and junk of older generations, from geiger counters to minesweeping units to old Buicks. he's from duluth, mn, and was very receptive when i asked him questions about his equipment after his performance.