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##%# Tyler Hallett (Final)

So here is a version of the final...Media Mill has given me problems when compressing the film into a smaller format. It has been changing the sound so make sure to turn down your volume and to keep in mind that this not the right sound, its just way too loud, which really bums me out cause the new sound clips were really working well with the movement. I need help in finding a way to condense this film without effecting the sound. Besides that I am pretty happy with the results since this is the first time I have really tried to make a motion based instrument. With this project I wanted to take whoever interacts with the piece and transform their body and movement into something else. With this capability I could see it as a installation in a hallway or an area of high traffic, but I also could see it as a performance piece where I could combine movement and choreography. I like the fact that the visuals and audio clips can be easily changed so essentially I have made a instrument that can be changed and altered to provide new experiences each time I set it up.


Media Mill Video