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Background Noise/Background Voice

It is true. The sound dimension is a completely new language for me, at least in terms of making art with it. However, through the course and by reading Labelle's book "Background Noise", I realized that sound is an element that we always use and perceive and, moreover, that has a tight relationship with other aesthetic languages. That´s why Sound Art works opened the doors of a new era in our Contemporary Art. This is case of John Cage, the artist who prepared the field for the birth of new art expressions such as happenings, environments, Fluxus, Minimalist sculpture and music, and Conceptual Art. By changing the way we relate with sound as art , or more specifically, with music and the space where the music performance take place, John Cage inaugurated a closer approach to the idea of sound as a media through which it is possible to analyze and contemplate what surround us. "Music not only functions as a form of cultural output, but a platform for critical reflection" (B. Labelle). Another point that I found very interesting is the emphasis of the "here" and "now" that sounds offers. Sound can be found anywhere, in immediate and proximate spaces or objects that are part of our daily life, our own body, our own activities. Thus, it is not only played in concert halls or exclusive places for "making sound". The third spatiality that sound also gave to us. As Labelle describes it. Sound art, such as Concrete Music, defines the notion of Sonic Culture, defined into a particular space and locational cootdinates. This drives to the ast aspect that I actually use in my own work: The relation with the social space.