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Independent Project-Suture

In my own art, I deal a lot with identity. I hate my picture being taken, I despise it and most pictures of me and my friends are of me being held down while someone quick takes the picture. But for some reason, its very soothing for me to take self portraits. Very intimate and almost... cathartic? I don't know. I do it a lot though, and I've captured myself infront of a mirror every year for the past 4. Its the act of seeing myself while I take the picture.

I think my art shows people another side of me, one that is personal and maybe slightly uncomfortable--especially when it comes to my sexuality. I don't get embarrassed easily and I actually very comfortable with myself and my body. I want to push the envelope more, I want my work to be honest.

Maybe most people can't relate my work, maybe its very selfish of me to assume that I'm any different from anyone else. Who knows. I don't.

And sidenote: I'm not as dark as it may look.

As far as artists that inspired me: one was Frida Kahlo. I saw her exhibit and I'm so fascinated by the act of self portraits, and being able to transport yourself into other roles. It's also trying to show imperfections, your faults, its about being honest. I can only hope someday that my work can invoke the emotion that Frida's does. I also drew a bit from Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians, with his 'pulse work'. I liked exploring repetition in "Light", with the loops of two different 'pulses'.

I'd really love to continue in this vein. It's nerve wracking to show your work infront of people, especially when you're not sure how people will receive it. Thanks for the comments yesterday and the support. I'm going to keep working on this piece and see what changes I can incorporate in.

I've posted compressed versions of both videos on my photobucket page under the album Suture.


They're really crappy, just for space, but if you only saw one of them, you can see the other. There are also albums with some of my other works, especially Reversal which is kind of the first piece to this.

Hope everyone has an awesome Winter break. Hopefully I'll see you around next semester.