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Lab Tour in St. Paul Campus

Hi all!
I'm sorry for posting this so late! Anyway, let's plan to meet tomorrow at 5:30pm in the St. Paul Student Center. The point is that getting to the lab is a little tricky, so if we all meet in the student center I can walk you to the lab. In order to get to the St Paul Student center you can take the Campus Connector and get down in the last stop. Let's meet in the second floor of the student center, that's where the dining room is.
Juanita will leave the Art Department at around 4:30pm. You can contact her (berri016) if you want and come with her.
My phone number is 612-868-9130, in case you are lost or a little late.

See you all tomorrow!
P.S. Remember to bring sound files and/or things you might like to record.