September 12, 2007

Syllabus Sketch

Syllabus: Sketch

This syllabus is a guide. It will help to give you a sense of the pace of the course, with the due dates for each of the major, student –generated, course components. Essential readings, examples of sound art and technical resources will be introduced weekly. My expectations for you are high. When possible, I will respond to student interests in an improvisational manner and shape the course accordingly. I will, periodically, add readings, technical tips and conceptual frameworks to cultivate the inquiry and creative work that I expect from all students.

The specifics of the related artistic, intellectual, and technical resources will be posted online. It will be your responsibility to check regularly to learn about upcoming events and available resources.

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Course Description

Sound art shapes aesthetic space and time. It is a new media genre that relates to the visual arts and music but is neither music nor visual art. We will investigate the powerful capacity of sound to shift our perception through the experience of listening and the process of producing sound art. A range of creative explorations and technologies will be introduced to engage you in an artistic process of realizing your individual and collaborative ideas with sound. You and all of the students will be asked to contribute to an evolving database of community resources and inspirations. The experience of listening, a series of sonic explorations, making an artist presentation, two sound art projects and one independent project will provide opportunities for you to develop basic fluency with the process of developing your artistic language with sound.