December 23, 2007

Everything I've ever done in my whole life

To begin, here is my first project: Download file. After that, I made the re-mix Download file of other projects. Then for the final my Yamaha keyboard fizzled out on me from a bad connection I had made and nothing was really quite the same with it, so I made the alternate final Download file. The alternate final wasn't enough, so I did an extra little project to try and compensate, and here it is Download file.

Moving on. We didn't get to go over my artist presentation, but I had made a powerpoint Download file on M. John Callanan for my presentation. The sound clips couldn't transfer too easily with the powerpoint file, so here they are, boom boom boom: Download file
, Download file, Download file. So that about raps up my life. I am happy to have had such a class like sound art, it really did open my eyes to new things which is good and healthy. Thanks


December 5, 2007

a little side thing

Download file
This is a little piece I did entitled 'Translation.' It is a based on a Billy Collins poem and asks, "Can poetry be translated?"

October 6, 2007

One Minute Sound Piece + ReMix

Here's the link to our first assignment, the one minute sound piece:

Download One Minute Piece

Here's the Re-Mixed one minute piece:

Download ReMix file