December 19, 2007

Tyler Hallett--Lo--(1 minute)

here is another one minute sound piece.

Download file

Tyler Hallett--Off Shore Off Duty--(1 minute)

Here is the first 1 minute sound piece.

Download file

November 18, 2007

Andrea's minute, love it or leave it

Download file

October 10, 2007

One-minute project

Almost two minutes. Sorry!

Download file

October 9, 2007

One minute sound experiment

Download file

One-Minute Chaos

Download file

October 6, 2007

One Minute Sound Piece + ReMix

Here's the link to our first assignment, the one minute sound piece:

Download One Minute Piece

Here's the Re-Mixed one minute piece:

Download ReMix file

September 27, 2007


not sure if i did this correctly, but here is my one minute sound piece.

Download file

September 26, 2007

One Minute Sound

my one minute sound is up under the title of "one minute sound." but it's just a little bit longer than one minute...

i wanted to tell a short story with this short period of sound.

1 minute site-sound works

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