Art of Noises - Sam

The Art of Noises seems an aptly titled piece to me. While I found the overall tone of the essay rather disagreeable while reading, I find its content rather interesting. It rings true that the only difference between what is perceived as noise, and what is perceived as music, or more simply, pleasant sound, is the frequency and regularity of vibration, and in realizing this - the understanding of all sound as different physical vibrations - the pool of what could be harnessed with the intent of creating with sound opens vastly. Hence the title, The Art of Noises
I think to reinterpret this idea and title, with the intent to apply it to Minneapolis, or anywhere for that matter, a possibly more appropriate title could be The Art of Sound, or more generally, Creation with Sound, or something less corny and bland but along the same lines. I say sound because Russolo seems obsessed with the idea of "noise," as being sound not intentionally made or heard for the purpose of listening, but if the realization of the potential for "noise" to be regarded as sound, don't they become one in the same? And if as a result noise becomes a tool to be used compositionally, does it not then cease to be "noise"? Maybe, maybe not. I would just say that if we accept the idea that all that is audible and can be made audible and can be made inaudible has creative potentia, then we find ourselves in a very fortunate position with a vast amount of resources and potential inspiration.