Meena's wet walk



This piece is very aptly titled. It's comprised of outdoor-water-interaction sounds, and they unfold in a very forward moving way, as if to tell the story of moving from one rainy-day environment to the next.

Sorry, but I didn't really finish my thought in that post. I think it is successful because of its sensation of movement through wet sounding environments. It creates a very specific rainy-day environment.

In this piece is feels like your taking me on a path or journey. There are new sounds introduce as if a character and is passed on to meet another new character. I like the wet footsteps being a constant role of a person or body.

This sounded like an audio memoir. What I mean is walking on a rainy day is something that almost everyone can relate to, and the piece definitely conveys walking, but different forms of it, and in seemingly different environments, all within a minute or so. From splashing to what sounded like rain on an umbrella, and then clips with very loud traffic, and then less loud traffic, the piece had the common theme of walking arranged with different snapshots of that theme. I enjoyed it.

I thought the sounds were very clippy and kind of hard to listen to. I guess it was the abrupt spikes in high pitch slaps and tinks. but all above comments are quite accurate. It seemed more of an abrasive or a spikey, attacking rain than the soft, smooth, boredom of most rainy days (for me). which I can relate to, as well, because I've felt that rai before too--or even just the idea of getting unavoidably wet with each droplet.

You were able to capture the atmosphere of that day pretty well. It reminds me of a point in the day where it was raining much heavier. The sounds of water and the few faintly echoing voices creates a compelling stormy atmosphere.

A few if the clips were a little rough which dint work so well in this sketch. My only recommendation is watching a little closer where a sudden sound fits and where it may need a more gentle approach.

I like how it sounds as if I'm in a storm drain, I like the acoustics. It made me create a visual that maybe I was exploring underground run of sewers or? I think that having the volume of the reverberated drips worked well.