Rain Day



this sure is a scary rainy day..or are you trying to set our senses for a future day like this?

I enjoyed the speed and force of something constantly bouncing against a non porous surface that might be the protector wall. However I lost that fun when adjusting, in fact being forced to adjust, with the abrupt pauses added to establish a rhythm. At least for me beauty was the other effect.

This sounded very harsh to me. The, what I'm assuming were wind sounds, were overpowering and tense. I feel like this is a pretty decent approximation of my experience biking to work or class during a hard rain. It's kind of awful and intense for the majority of the time, but eventually you get used to it, and it's still not great, but you're at least dealing with it.

I don't think the sudden breaks in the noise worked out that well in this sketch. What I do think you did well was the mixing of sounds, which really comes through at the end. In the the beginning it was very loud and that left the noise harsh on the ears. But at the end where it quites down you can take in all the different sounds.

If you we're to do this piece again I would really enjoy a version where the noise just continued and was faint like the end of this piece but gently came in swells of volume like waves of wind or water.

I enjoyed the beat, what sort of sounded like rain on a tin can. I think it could have been better established in the beginning, before adding the sound breaks. I didn't mind the sound breaks, I just think if given a little more time to get used to that beat, the sound breaks would have been more meaningful and unexpected. After the first break I expected more, so it wasn't as surprising to me. What was surprising was the intensity of the resuming sound. I thought that worked well.

The short rests were a treat. I enjoyed them because they reminded me of a quick breath between action or speaking. It was as if they fell in a similar cadence as an "umm" in a sentence. They also remind me of moments of quick thought or even a skipping on a record or CD and that's fitting because you bombard your mind at those times as if it were an awkward silence.

I found the pattern of sound interesting, my 2 things with it I wasn't sure about was the drops in audio and the panning. With the panning it just seemed random, maybe if they weren't as fast or if the sound wasn't completely eliminated from one side? Just some ideas.