Rainy Day Ambiance - Sam



This was therapeutic. I enjoyed the constant dribbling in the foreground and the background drumming and other mixing sounds. There was an interesting background sound progression, building in intensity and release that kept the interest and the focus of the audience.

I can totally revisit this sketch 3 times a day for couple of years. So relaxing.. and it doesn't remind me of terrible days of monsoon, constantly surrounded by dripping sounds in and out .. which is good karma by artist.

Good use of softness and quieter use of volume but theres some quality about that main sound that leaves me feeling a little squeamish. The sketch it self is good but by squeamish I mean the water sounds organic to me rather then from some force of nature and I can't help but picture I'm hearing some fleshy, slimy, wet animal or creature moving around.

The subtle ambiance was a nice touch as well but it may have shaped my visualizing of something other then a cloudy day.

The really light tinkle sounds were amusing to listen too, like someone with a bad bladder. I enjoyed listening to this piece, maybe if you could make the transitions between when new sounds appeared would make for a smoother flowing soundscape.