Sketch #4



This sketch is much more minimal than your previous sketches, and given the nature of the assignment, I think it is successful because of that. The low windy feeling sounds acted like an anchor for me, and put me in a specific environment where everything else then moved around me. All you sounds felt very mellow and unobtrusive as well, and that helped create a subdued "rainy-day" vibe.

This sketch sounded very dark, as if i was in cave. I am not sure if you used a synthesizer or it was just wind you manipulated from the rain track, i wish that sound was absent and i could only hear the distant noises your created with water drips.

The faint sounds tickle the ear. There is a dark gloom to the piece, but then the splashing and squeaking create a kind of playful juxtaposition. It too reminded me of a cave, and I pictured an innocent child squeaking and splashing around, unaware of the resounding cues that on another level signify danger.

it asked to me enlarge my ears and dig deeper in search of water. It also reminded me of a funny situation when I was teaching myself to become a 'water pipe astrologer'. I would put my ear against empty tap/pipe and listen to the air pressure very carefully to note signs of water nearby. BUT, one time water rushed through and almost exploded my ear. Anyways, I was kind of expecting something like that at the end of your sketch but being lost in loop suggests endless wait to me.

I like the fading in in the beginning as well as the swells you have throughout this piece. I would have to agree with previously stated that maybe less noise throughout to make more of a wetter piece than airy. But just my opinion, a rainy day could also be chilly and windy which I hate so if that is what you were going for than I get it.