Spark festival reply: Eric Tanaka

After enjoying a delicious and free meal, I headed over to the gallery space to see the first presentation. It was an odd set up, but the medium was sound art. There were two people working this one, one who seemed to deal with more of the recorded sound/EQ and the other who handled most of the acoustic sounds. At first it seemed weird to use both, and I wondered why they didn't just record all of the sounds, but it made the presentation more interesting and as the presentation progressed, I saw more and more that the set up they had was as acoustic as they could get without adding too many people or it getting too jumbled up. The piece it self was boring at first, there was this weird brief case that "breathed" and there was limited sound, but as it went on the sounds grew and started to compliment each other more. I didn't get the feeling that this was a major breakthrough piece though. It is usually hard for me to get into some pieces but I think the more I learn and grow the more I will understand and appreciate the intricacies of sound art. Or maybe it just wasn't there to begin with. This is just my opinion of the piece, maybe others have something to contribute that I wasn't seeing. The Spark Festival was fun over all, but this year's wasn't as fun or interesting as the other ones I have seen.