Spark Response - Sam

I feel it's incredibly important to support the people organizing and participating in events like the Spark festival. Coordinating, and setting up something like Spark is difficult, time consuming, and draining, which is why I feel so bad about not attending any of the events and helping to make all the work of organizing an awesome event like Spark worthwhile and rewarding. I don't have good excuse other than just being worn-out at the end of the week.
In lieu of an analysis of a Spark event I'll offer instead a philosophy shared with me by one of Friday night's performers, PLCK.
PLCK is Jesse Pollack, a close friend I used to live with, and with whom I frequently work on musical projects.
About a month ago we were preparing for a performance and he was talking about his growing affinity for performance-based techno music. What he said that stuck with me, and I paraphrase, was that this form is appealing to him because he is able to work between performances on constructing and perfecting a singular experience for a specific time and place, and when it's done, it's done, and he and everyone else have one shared experience and can then move on to something new. I don't generally listen to techno, but I found this to be an interesting, and somewhat inspiring idea. I also know that one of PLCK's influences is Jan Jelinek, a particularly interesting German sound-maker, who you can read about and listen to samples of here: