Don Ritter

Don Ritter is a Canadian artist and writer living in Berlin. He creates interactive installations that become social portraits through the participation of audiences. The content of his work is conveyed to audiences experientially, through the physical actions they perform within the installations. His subject matter includes hegemony, servility, commodification of tragedy, and mechanisms of authority.

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In his sound installation 'O telephone', six modified 1960's telephones are installed in circle on black pedestals within a darkened room. They randomly ring, each with its own distinctive sound. If you pick up a phone that is ringing, a powerful yoga-like "Om? is heard through the handset and through the speaker located where the dial of the phone used to be.

If other people answer other ringing phones, the resulting "Om? sounds will pan through all the answered phones. Like the ringing, each phone has its own "om" voice, some male, other female. The telephones will eventually begin a composition comprised of the ringing and "Om? sounds if they are not answered by viewers. The best way to enjoy the piece is to stand in the middle of the circle of phones, then it feels like the sounds are turning around you. There are 35 different voices. The artist actually used the voice of the people in his yoga class when he lived in New York.

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