embodied sound documentation

post documentation of your embodied sound presentation

include any of the follow forms that will best communicate the experience of your work and how you created it:

- video of your embodied sound work - especially if you presented it as participatory, performance, or a hybrid experience. [the iMac in W123 has video files of all presentations in a folder on the desktop (thanks to Vanessa for recording).
Use the vlc application to open the video files.vlc.jpg

- photo of the work as you presented it

- drawing or sketch of the whole and/or elements of your embodied sound project

- technical notes that both document the process for you and give others insight into how you approached your embodied sound work

- links to related software, electronics, inspirations, etc.

- questions that you feel are currently unresolved in your embodied sound work at this time or questions that you are interested in pursuing further