Ice Sounds

The sounds explored in the Apostle Islands Bike expedition make sound a fundamental element of the experience. I appreciated the comprehensive information about the piece including the motivation for, insights in the midst of the process in journal entries as well as safety tips, etc. The online presentation of this initiative was a way to make this solitary experience public. The photographs were phenomenal in themselves, but I found it interesting that they appeared probably less spectacular in the setting of an online internet sharing site since we are so often bombarded by stock piled images on flickr, google images, etc, that any online photographs somehow seem less authentic than in a gallery setting... I was glad for the pure sounds rather than video or some photo montage, however I found myself wishing that the interface of the playback of these recordings was a black screen rather than a typical play screen, because the sounds were so foreign and unlike a typical thing one might find on youtube.
After this I am most interested in sound as an experience, as well as the particularities of online presentation of work.