For my presentation I chose the artist Gerhard Trimpin because I find his merger between physical objects and digital components as both very interesting and in a way creatively inspiring just from possibilities of sound creation that open up considering his approach.

I became interested in his work by what I see how much you can do with the manipulation of physical objects when you add an electrical and digital component. Seeing how it leads the invention of sounds that cannot exist through at least any other practical means is pretty exciting. And I think part of it is the balance he has found between the computer and the sound-making object.

I find Trimpin's invention of the musical instrument that functions beyond what a human being can physically be capable to be one of the more compelling concept behind his work. I also enjoy how he then implements these instruments with technology along with the scale, unfamiliarity and unusuality in both sound and appearance turns these objects from musical instruments into functioning pieces of art.

Trimpin is known for creating sounds exclusively with physical objects but often uses computers to digital construct and control how those physical objects create sounds. He does not work with digitally produced sounds and often uses objects them selves to produce sounds rather then speakers. Trimpin also often creates musical compositions with his invented instruments that simultaneously accompany the exhibited work.

You can see one of his installations in the Minnesota Science Museum. It's a collection of xylophones and other instruments that play to real time data of seismic activity from around the world. You can listen to a sample of this from .

As for other installations the pieces titled Shang high and Liquid Percussion are both pretty good illustrations of Trimpin's sound art. You can see he uses the computer to initiate the action the causes the object to produce noise. In the Shang High installation motors are activated that cause the elevation of the tubes resting in buckets to lower and rise. This act either causes air to push out of the tubes or be sucked in because they are resting in water. This creates the noise you here.

.In Liquid Percussion specific objects for mechanized drips are used each having a specific sound and pitch. The computer controls a nozzle that allows droplets or water in and out in a perfectly timed manner.

Other Instruments and installation: - Fire Organ - Cello Turntable Klompen Guitar Tower clip

For those interested in where some of his ideas came from two of Trimpins stated influences are Conlon Nancarrow and Harry Partch. Conlon Nancarrow was one of the first composures to use an instrument through mechanical means producing a piece of music that could not be played by a human.

The inventor and composer Harry Partch also seems very influential in his work. Harry Parch created a number of instruments that use entirely different tonal systems then we are familiar to such as an instrument that uses an 11 note cycle rather then the 12 we know and would create unique musical compositions with his instruments.