Final entry

I have enjoyed this class because of learning for learning sake alone. Before I took this class my only exposure to sound as an art was a basic recording of sound I did toward the end of last century Now I understand the embodiment of sound. I look at it as a somewhat new form of art catching on in the world. The enlightenment to the micro sound picked up by a contact microphones all the way to sounds only heard by certain animals. This last weekend mother nature did a job on me and a lot of people with a record snowfall. With some help from my fellow man and that stubborn inner resolve we all have I was able to complete each of my courses.
As for a sound artist I admire that's a tough one. I'm by nature not much of a fan of any one person. If push came to shove I would have to say Diane Willow my instructor and my fellow sound art students that brought me into the world of art. Diane Willow's sound exhibit at The Katherine E. Nash gallery located in the Regis Center for the Arts was the first focused attention I have had on a sound art exhibit. My fellow students showed me some of the different ways sound art can entertain. Some of the sites I suggest that you visit one of the originals making Foley sound in Los Angles another to visit
All in all I recommend this course if you want to learn Sound Art at University of Minnesota.